“The KIPOS Botanicals® calendula salves proved remarkably healing to patients going through radiation treatment which can cause dermatitis, itching and drying and I found them to be well tolerated by people of all skin types. I like that they contain minimal ingredients with no additives, have a high concentration of calendula, contain no alcohol that can sting sensitive skin and that they are locally made, with care and attention to high quality .”

— Dr. Robert Hong, Arlington Radiation Oncology

 "I used this amazing KIPOS Botanicals® calendula salve during medical treatments that could have affected my skin terribly, but instead I escaped with little to no skin effects. My doctor was beyond thrilled with the results!  I would highly recommend this product to anyone, it was truly a lifesaver."

--Michele Foust, RN, BSN, Oncology Certified Nurse.   


I have been using the KIPOS Botanicals Calendula Salve you sent and it is AMAZING! I cannot thank you enough-it has been so great to have that since I started radiation a few weeks ago. I use it every day and in addition to helping my skin through the radiation, the lavender smell is so calming. I love it!!
— Breast Cancer Patient, Meghan K., San Diego, California
Konstantina, I completed my 30th radiation treatment today and wanted to personally thank you for the salve. It is amazing. My skin looks really great. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Breast Cancer Patient, D. McCoy, Pennsylvania